The goal here at jcstexts is to produce and encourage the creation of commentaries after the Steadman (Pharr) type, allowing an increasingly greater number of Latin and Greek students all over the world to access the great texts from the ancient world in the original language.

For those unfamiliar with Steadman’s commentaries (see here), this means a commentary with running vocabulary, facing vocabulary and notes geared toward the intermediate student still wrestling with the details of morphology and syntax. I have and will continue to adjust peripheral details of my commentaries according to my own specific goals, but these core elements will remain the same.

Using Print-on-Demand through Amazon extends the availability of the texts to all of North America and Europe, while making them available for free download does the same for the rest of the world. Out of a desire to serve teachers, students, and autodidacts everywhere, I am committed to making this PDF always available alongside the printed book. To spread the love of ancient texts in their original languages please share the work going on here with your friends and colleagues. Feedback is always welcome!

Commentaries Underway (or conceived):

Because there exists a greater dearth of helpful material (or even affordable texts!) for Late Antique and Early Christian texts – and is indeed my own area of professional study – my focus will be there. However, this focus certainly does not exclude forays into the classical authors (Plato, Cicero, and so on).

Greek: Timaeus (part I, underway), John’s Epistles; 1st Apology Justin Martyr; Eusebius Church History Book I; Epictetus’ Enchiridion; Iliad I/IX

Latin: Augustine’s de Civitate Dei I, de Beata Vita (underway); Horace’s Odes I; de Rerum Natura I; Cicero’s de Amicitia, de Senectute.

The prioritization of the commentaries depends in part on your contribution! Please email with suggestions/preferences to my name as in the url @gmail.com or message me on Facebook:

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