Augustine’s Confessions, Book I

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I learned much in writing this commentary; I hope it allows more students to access Augustine’s beautiful prose. Please share with friends and colleagues so that more people can enjoy Augustine in the original language!

The text used is James O’Donnell’s (by permission) and the commentary referred to throughout can be found here. If the reader can find it, this commentary by Gillian Clark is also worth consulting. The commentary marked G-M (“Gibbs and Montgomery”) in my book can be downloaded with the link below.

Below is a finalized version of the text. Please send all questions and corrections to me at my email (my name as in the url In addition to the added review boxes throughout, I have also added a dictionary of grammatical and rhetorical terms at the end, which I hope to improve upon in future commentaries.

For more extensive bibliography than I have given, please consult this tremendous resource.

Now available by request is the Latin text with space for translation and/or notes.

Through daily chatter words have become cheap to us, because in being noised and in passing us by words become cheap and they seem to be nothing other than words.

ST. Augustine

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