Augustine’s Confessions, Book VIII

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The text used is James O’Donnell’s (by permission) and his commentary referred to throughout can be found here. I intentionally avoided using Peter White’s commentary to encourage students to use it in conjunction with or after my own. The commentary marked G-M (“Gibbs and Montgomery”) in my notes can be downloaded here:

And here are two old but still helpful dissertations on Augustine’s latinity to which I refer in the notes:

Concerning the latter I am still awaiting confirmation about copyright/public domain (1931 is not quite there!), and there is a Haiti-trust version, which, however, is only available for limited preview:

For a more extensive bibliography than I have given, please consult this tremendous resource.

Please send all questions and corrections to me at my email (my name as in the url

“The world grew cheap to us amid our words,
it and all its delights.”

ST. Augustine

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