Confessions Book 8 BETA

You can now download a PDF of Confessions VIII here. The book is currently being edited by a peer and will be first published once it has gone through this process [update: the final version has since been uploaded].

Thanks to all those who have given positive feedback on Confessions I – I hope this next Book will be a welcome addition to your reading list! My attentions now are being turned to thorough revisions of Confessions I and the Epistle to the Hebrews, which has in fact already received a thorough round of edits by a careful and knowledgeable reader.

Stay tuned for the publishing of Confessions VIII on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Confessions Book 8 BETA

  1. Thanks for your hard work. I was reading through Book I of the Confessions with the help of your book and Latin per Diem videos. The video series ran out and so I stopped. I’m a Latin newby. I’m in Caput XXVI of the Wheelock grammar. I decided that when I finished the grammar, I’ll take up and start reading the Confessions again, but now with the help of both your books!


    1. Latin is a tedious joy – I am happy to hear that you made it at least partway in and am hopeful that this will be useful for you! Thanks for your response – please always feel free to reach out (esp. by email). Let me know if I can help in your Latin progress in some other way!


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